Dec 4, 2012


I really haven't taken much photos lately therefore, I'm gonna add some old D80 photos to this blog post. Two days ago, it looked very promising in the snowing department but, the next morning, as if nothing happened. There are some mini snow leftovers on the tips of grass. Basically, mud. 

I can't wait for real snow to happen, just like the one in these photos, followed by the sun. I haven't been much of a wordy person lately. So all I can give you is....God bless. But actually, I think these are the best words anyone could wish you.


  1. These pictures are wonderful. :)

  2. I can't describe how much I ADORE the light on your pictures!
    some people have talent, some people have great photo equipment, and some have just photoshop, but you must have some sort of God's spark (I don't know it's correct, we have a phrase like this in polish - when you have the special gift or talent that no one else has) :)
    best wishes, xo!

  3. i heard it should snow this weekend...let hope so :)