Apr 16, 2014


You guys know I write about faith which is a big part of my life and if you check out my About me page, you can read all about it and what is my testimony. Now, you simply can not enumerate all the blessings God has provided you with, as there are many. But, this one I'm about to share evolves photography. Photography? Yes, photography. I was debating whether to post this or not but I just kept feeling the words Do it, do it, do it! And, I am at peace now so it was a good decision. 
At the end of my second year of college (2008.), I had huge problems with one of the exams and if I was not to pass it, I'd loose the right to study. I just couldn't pass the exam. Now that I think of it, I don't think I really went all out with the studying for it. But, I guess that is life and my laziness provided such horrible moments. 
I remember sitting in my room and crying because I failed the exam, once again. I turned to Jesus and just asked him I don't need anything, I just wanna know that you heard me! I don't remember what happened next. I probably cried some more. Now, I wasn't testing out if God existed, I think I just wanted to feel the compassion He had for me, in my time of despair. And I forgot about it.
Days later, I had my birthday and, at the time, it was obligatory to post a birthday photo to Flickr. I asked my dad to help me hold a few balloons in the air for me to take a shot of it (he climbed the ladder). They were in blue and pink (yer know, Flickr colors). And I took the photo, processed it and uploaded to Flickr. Nothing strange, nothing new. Oh yeah, I only rotated the photo prior to uploading. Us photographers do that, sometimes. Hehe. 
A couple of days later, someone sent me message saying that either he was going mad, or that there is a face on my balloons (he said that was me). I went to check it out and....there He was. You may believe it or not. But, I immediately thought of what I said to Jesus, days earlier. I was left stunned and in the super hyped mode Oh, I see what you did there! Like, why the face isn't the same intensity and visibility on each balloons, rather it looses sharpness with each next balloon? As if someone is standing close to the first balloon and the image just fades away on the next one and so on. You might say it was the play of light and shadow but, for me, it isn't. Just can't be. That IS a face of a long haired guy! Tilt you head to the right and it will make more sense. By the way, this is the rotated version, this is the original. It was the best birthday present I could ever have and if someone didn't pointed out about the face on it, I'd be blind to see it. I seriously would, up to this day. But, I know He heard me and, whether people agree with me on this or not, I believe that was a true and legit portrait session with my Lord. His sense of humor goes beyond. Like, balloons? Really, God? How do You expect me to explain balloons?! Hehe. Well, I speak from the heart no matter if I sound crazy or not. I don't know..I guess it's balloons then. Hehe. Oh man! May God bless you through this Holy week. 

Apr 14, 2014


I've been doing this photography thing for what, 7 or 8 years now and I thought I really wandered thorough every bit of the place I live in. I think I've been to every street, every corner, every field or open space. But, I guess I haven't. Well, I had to go to the well known down the street to take a few photos of the bright rapeseed fields. Usually, people sow rye or corn there but this year, they decided to sow rapeseed and it looks amazing!

Then we went a bit further down the street and turned to a small path by this line of huge fields with the view on 5 tall poplar trees. Also, the sun was setting so we happen to catch a few warm and pink colors of the sky against the poplar trees and rapeseed. 

On our way home, we noticed some misty fog filling the little channel. And of course, how could we miss a chance to document that? The atmosphere really was beautiful. I don't know, sometimes I really dislike living where I live (photography wise) but I guess you just have to be somewhere at the right time to actually see how your everyday, boring stuff can be portrayed in a prettier way. God bless.

Apr 10, 2014


... can change the course of the future. That beautiful quote by J.R.R. Tolkien. I find it quite suitable for what I'm about to write. In my country, during Lent, there is a prolife 40 day prayer going to end the abortion. I don't think I've ever written about such a strong and important subject. I know a lot of you will agree and a lot of you will disagree with me. 
I am prolife. I just can't stand and write nothing, no matter of the fact my blog is a photo blog and mainly focuses on sharing my photography. But, like I said, I have to write about this. 
Being a pro-life is a strong personal opinion and foremost, it is the love for the unborn, the most weakest and defenseless of us all. I think and feel that one becomes a person from day 1, the moment it is conceived. That little, microscopic boy or a girl receives a soul. A new life started, no matter of the conditions and by conditions I mean being in momma's belly. I don't see the difference in calling one a person whether it is 2 days, 8 months or 25 years old. I just don't see the point in calling one a person only when it is born. That baby, still in the belly, breaths the same air as we do and feels safe being close to his mom. The only difference is the way of breathing and being close to his/her mom. I know I am not all medical but I really write from the heart. It feels right like nothing else in this world. Every person deserves to live, no matter if it is wanted or not. From what I can read, from all the testimonies about deciding not go through with the abortion, their children became a huge blessing to them. 
I truly believe God can turn even the most horrid situation into blessing for each and every person, no matter of the age. Our God always has the final word in everything and no matter what situation it is, He will get you thorough it and give you peace. I strongly believe God wants that little baby, He wanted it from ages and ages before. I know some babies are conceived in horrid situations and I am NOT stating God wanted that ! The only thing I'm stating He does LOVE that baby and wants to make wonders with her/him, He wants to give that person a dignity in life which we all have. In the end, we are made to do small things with great love. Some are born to do great, world changing things and some are born only to make the person next them happy and guess what - in God's eyes, both deeds and people doing them are worth the same. 
Also, no matter of the sin, He forgives. The greater the sin, the greater His mercy is. After all, He allowed His only Son to die for our sins and resurrect so we could be born again in Him. I can't argue with that, if that isn't the proof for true love, I can't imagine what is. If you look at  the profiles of the greatest people mentioned in the Bible - they all had something wrong with them, they all had something in their past (even murder! St. Paul, hello?). After you read about God's mercy in their lives later on, you can only say Oh, I see what You did there! It is never too late to do the right thing, it is never late to let God heal you, no matter if you did wrong or the wrong was done to you. May His love shines upon you, forever. God bless. 

How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers. 
~ Blessed Mother Theresa

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Mar 31, 2014


I think almost every photographer dreams of shooting (with a camera) a herd of wild horses roaming around the wide field. I must admit, that has always been a dream of mine. Especially, I've always dreamt of shooting such scene during the golden hour, when the Sun is low and the horses look even more stunning and in contrast with the golden light.
Not too long ago, I heard of this field (20 minutes away from my town) filled with horses. So, today, my friend Ivana and I went there. It was one of those in the moment decisions which proved to be more than okay. Even though the final part of the route was bit a bumpy for a city car, we managed to get to our destination. When we got there, we witnessed a huge field with lots and lots of horses, separated in herds. 
Since it was a quick decision, to actually get there, we didn't stay very long. Actually, we stayed for about 40 minutes. My main goal was to see if the horses were actually there because the field is their source of pasture from spring until autumn. To my pleasant surprise, they were there. 

We kinda befriended a curious little foal that happened to follow us for quite some time. But, his mother turned our way and we didn't want to cause any trouble. The horses seem to be domesticated as they are okay with us being there. I don't know what is the story behind these horses. I think they actually belong to a group of people and they let them pasture there during the spring and summer. The photo on the left is taken with my phone camera. 

We most definitely decided to come back again with the rest of our friends and organize an afternoon picnic or something. Now that I know such beautiful place is basically at my doorstep, I have no excuses not to come here. Who would want not to come, actually? With the spring and summer still ahead of me, I just gotta return. These horses are precious. I am thankful to Lord for such beautiful places I'm surrounded with. God bless. 

Mar 22, 2014


As you well know, if you're reading my blog, the highlight of my life is an occasional trip to the capital. So, I went there again and spent a day in the company of my good friend Mirko. 

Twilight time, from the Zagreb's Upper Town is probably the main reason I came to the capital that day. Apart from seeing Mirko. I really love those moody blue/green tones. Especially when you have the whole Zagreb Panorama in front of you.

Also, I never had that much photos of the Main train station. I even shoot some passengers. So not like me. Hehe. Anyway, finally a new blog post. Don't know why I don't write this more often. I guess, there are days (and maybe months) when you don't have anything to write about. But, I believe a better days are upon me. God bless!